Public Office

I lobbied on behalf of my district in Sacramento

My path of politics began quite abruptly but has spiraled into one of my biggest passions in life. I applied for a district trip to the Capitol, known as Capitol Convoy, where you are able to lobby on behalf of our school district to state senators, assemblymen, etc. I was lucky enough to be accepted into the program and I took flight to Sacramento. Over the course of two days, my partner and I lobbied on issues like increasing the LCap on state funding, creating a state mandated school shooter drill, and putting mental health facilities and psychologists on all school campuses. After meeting local politicians that represented our area, I was lucky enough to be put in contact with Al Muratsuchi, our assemblymen in the 66th district. He would later in the year be running for reelection, and much to my surprise, I would be one of his interns on the campaign.

I worked on Assemblyman Muratsuchi's Campaign

My experience as an intern for Al was one that has truly changed my perspective and admiration of the political arena. As the campaign focused solely on grass roots campaigning, I cold called thousands of voters and knocked on their doorsteps, and became one of the faces of Al Muratsuchi’s platform as Assemblyman.

Since my initial involvement with public office, I have attended local rallies, and marches, as well as advocated for student involvement in their district.

I aspire to continue my work as a woman in public office and expand my horizon as a citizen. When we finally put down the phones at 8:01 on election day, the staff began to cheer as our work was done, and in that moment, as I clapped alongside our assemblyman, I knew my path of politics had only just begun.