Summering on the Vineyard as a child introduced me to Camp Jabberwocky, a camp that caters to individuals with Cerebral Palsy and other disabilities. I was fortunate enough to spend my summer as a camp counselor working at Jabberwocky, where we were able to provide over 70 campers with the summer of a lifetime. From attending concerts in town to mini golfing, we truly did it all. Camp Jabberwocky works to redefine disabilities and provide everyone with equal oppurtunity, in a loving and joyous environment.

Being a Camp Counselor

Sunset with Richard

MV Sharks Baseball Game

Dancing with Dom

Music Festival Outing with Nathan!

Water time with Cy

Gracie and I at the fair

Seafood Lunch

Evening beach walks with the boys

Enjoying açai with Nathan!

Afternoons with Gracie

Play practice with Kyle

Cuddle Puddle

Last evening with Gracie

Heather and I dancing

Les Mis play night

Dom and I at West Chop

Last sunset with Heather

Music Festival dance party

My favorite girl

Tickle wars!

Kip and I at the cowgirl dance

Morning snuggles

Cy and I ready for swim time

Peter and I swimming post kayak